Our Lives are Better Left to Chance – A Legacy

News: Chapter two is on hold until the second week of April due to school.

Newest Chapter: Chapter One

Updated: February 18th, 2015

Current Generation: Two

Current Heiress: Noelle Blair

Having been teased by her peers as a child for being quiet and engrossed in the lessons, Noelle found solace in her textbooks and school work. As she got older, she discovered a love for competition — competition that allowed her to hold her natural intelligence above the heads of those who had teased her. She was always at the top of the class, until Kelly Miller decided to stop slacking and start actually trying in school, and now Noelle has competition. But might there be something more than the spirit of competition between the two?


  • Heirs can be male or female
  • Cheats will not be used unless it is for story telling purposes (no money cheats though, no exceptions there)
  • Every generation will conclude with an heir vote
  • The family name may be lost over generations
  • Ask if you want anyone uploaded into the ‘downloads’ tab

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